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Curtain Wall

Great performance in Structure, Water and Wind loads

  • Applicable: Office buildings, Commercial area of high-rise buildings and Hotels
  • Optional insert: Swing door, Project in & Out
  • ASTM E283, E331, E330 AAMA 501 Certified - Achieved results of A3, B7, C4
  • Unitized Type
    Composed of large glass units that are assembled and glazed within a factory Applicable for office buildings or commercial area of the high-rise buildings.
    Benefits in speed of installation. Suitable for when large volume of prefabricated unitized panels are required, the higher filed labor costs are expected and higher performance is needed
    (for wind load, air/moisture products, seismic performance ) for taller structures.
  • Stick Type
    Applicable for low to mid-rise curtain walls. Composed of mullion, panel, vision glass and spandrel glass which is to be glazed at site (Also known as knock down system).
    The lead times are often much shorter for fabricated materials to be delivered to the site.
  • Project In & Out
    Provides a variety of features and design with Curtain wall. Variety of Hardware and color options available. Insert in Curtain wall frame for ventilation.