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Auto-Blind System

Wider Air Space filled with Argon Gas for a Better Insulation with Energy Saving Efficiency

Winspia’s Auto Blind System can be applied to any of Winspia’s products.
With blinds being embedded in between glasses, blinds cleaning or replacement due to trouble are not necessary.
  • Designed for 37mm double glazing with Argon gas
  • Engineered for high sound proof and thermal efficiency performance
  • Allows to control Up & Down & Tilt by one remote controller
  • Not necessary to change and clean the blinds regularly
  • Provides for a wide range of application to Swing door, Sliding door, Tilt & Turn, Window wall and Curtain wall products
Motor DC Geared Motor
Reception 1-3 Channels / Set
Slat 12mm Aluminium with UV Coating 1
Limit Switch Limit Switch with Gear System
Remarks Blinds in 37mm double glaze
Swing Door Sliding Door